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Maternal and Infant 


What is the Maternal and Infant program?
     The Maternal and Infant program is a free service, funded by state grants, to help provide access to comprehensive prenatal care and follow-up care for the mother and infant for up to one year post delivery.  Health, psychosocial, and nutrition assessments are provided through a collaborative effort between a Registered Nurse and a Social Worker. 

Who is eligible for the Maternal and Infant program?
The Maternal and Infant program is open to any pregnant teen or women needing extra support because of financial, medical, or social reasons.  Age or marital status makes no difference. 

What are the goals of the Maternal and Infant program?
     The goals of the Maternal and Infant program are to decrease premature births, decrease low birth weight infants, increase the percentage of women who receive early and comprehensive health care before, during, and after pregnancy.  The Registered Nurse and Social Worker work together and with other agencies to reduce the risks associated with high risk pregnancies. 

What services are offered through the Maternal and Infant program?  

  • Monthly appointments to monitor the health of expectant mother and unborn baby

  • Provide education and support during the different stages of pregnancy

  • Nutritional education

  • Breastfeeding education

  • Promoting healthy behaviors

  • Labor and Delivery educational resources

  • Healthy Start Home Visits after birth

  • Counseling on obtaining financial resources through other community agencies

  • Assistance with Healthwave and Medicaid applications

  • Education on how to maintain emotional well-being before and after baby is born


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