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KAN Be Healthy


What is a KAN Be Healthy?

  • KAN Be Healthy (KBH) is a Medicaid program for children, teenagers, and young adults.

  • Everyone who is age 20 or under and has a medical card can take part in the KAN Be Healthy program.

There are four KBH screens:

KAN Be Healthy Medical-Your Body
KAN Be Healthy Vision-Your Eyes
KAN Be Healthy Dental-Your Teeth
KAN Be Healthy Hearing-Your Ears

Stay well with regular KBH screens.  KBH medical screens are encouraged at: birth, 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, and 30 months, then yearly for ages 3 through 20.

Your medical card will show you when the next KBH Medical Screen is due.  If your KBH Medical screen does not show on  your medical card soon after it is done, call your provider.

KBH medical screens include vision, hearing, and dental assessments.  The KBH screen follows the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment guidelines and is considered an important tool in preventive health care and developmental screening.

What is a developmental screening?

Developmental Milestones

KBH helps you get well faster by getting the care and medicines that you need:

  • Prescription and some over-the-counter medicines (with a prescription)

  • Dietitian services

  • Rides to the doctor

  • Extra medical supplies and equipment with a doctors prescription (such as tube feeding supplies)

  • Help for children who are homebound due to long-term physical problems

  • Counseling

  • Eye exams as needed

  • Eyeglasses and repairs (some limitations apply)

  • Hearing screens and hearing aids (some limitations apply)

  • Routine teeth cleaning, including x-rays

  • Fluoride treatment (some limitations apply)

  • Sealants, filings, and teeth pulled.

KBH exams are done by appointment at the Health Department.  Call for your appointment.




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